Alphacypermethrin 10% SC :

It is a high performance residual insecticide that provides control of mosquitos houseflies and cockroaches for longer duration.KILL PLUS is a synthetic pyrethroid group of insecticide suitable for use in domestic institutional and public is suitable for the control of crawing and flying insects.

Packing size : 1 ltr.


Alphacypermethrin 5% WP :

A highly effective synthetic pyrethroid group of insectiside used as indoor residual spray against all the spicies of mosquitos. Its use has been approved and patronizedby WHO and NVBDCP. Its residual efficacy lasts for three months. It isequally effective against other pests viz house flies ants bed bugs fleas cockrocahes etc.

Packing size : 25 kg.


Bormodiolone 0.005% RB Cake :

A widely used proven rodenticides in ready to use cakes formulation containing 0.005% bromadiolone a single dose anticoagulant as active acts against rats,misc and bandicoots suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is specially developed to stand varide conditions.

Packing size : 100 gm.


Bormodiolone 0.25% CB :

RATON CB containing 0.025% bromodiolone a single dose anticoagulant as an active ingrediant PREPARATION OF BAIT to make 1 kg.of poison bait take 950gm. Material like broken wheat, wheat flour,bajra,maize etc. and add to it 10gm of edible oil and 20gm of jaggery/crushed sugar,mix well and spinkle 20 gm, of racton 0.25% CB over the mixture mix well again so that poison gets distributed uniformaly in the bait. do not used bare hand for mixing the poison bait material.

Packing size : 500 gm.


Deltamethrin 2.5% Flow :

It is highly effective synthetic pythroid insecticides with knockdown and long lasting residual effect. It is Highly effective for the control of household insects pests such as cockroches,houseflies and mosquitos.

Packing size : 1 ltr to 5 ltr.


Deltamethrin 1.5% ULV :

It is an oil based Deltamethrin based concentart formula for dilution in diesel oil or kerosene an can be applied by ULV or thermal fogging as sapce sprays.FGLITE 125 ULV is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors in vector control and in area where flying insects are a nuisance or many cause a health risk.

Packing size : 1 ltr .


Fipronil 0.05% GEL :

It is a highky effective safe easy to use none disruptive product that can provide elimination of cockroaches including nest preventing against re-invasion for up to 3 months the power of KILLTOP-N lies in its greatest speed of action and its exceptionally high activity against cockroaches.

Packing size : 35 gm catrige


Imidacloprid 2.15% GEL :

It is revolutionary formulation developed mainly keeping in view the cockroaches biology ,behaviour and safty of the people and enviourment. An attractant in KILLTOP gel ensures its conumption by cockroaches.

KILLTOP gel's relatively slow action takes advantages of cockroaches cannibalistic,nature cockroaches feeding on the dead cockroaches and their habbit on their faeces. this feature ensurs killing of even those hidden cockroaches which have not directly fed on the KILLTOP gel.

Packing size : 35 gm catrige


Imidacloprid 30.5% GEL :

It is new generation systemic insecticides effective for pre and post construction treatment,it is non-repellent to termites. This measns that termites will not avoids areas treated with COMMANDER PLUS. Termites which have become contaminated with COMMANDER PLUS are able to transfer the active ingrediant to other termites with they contact in their foraging tunnels and back to the colony in the process they intoxicating the whole colony. thus ensuring goods and long lasting protaction.

Packing size : 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1ltr


Propoxur 2% Bait :

It is highly effective sugar based bait against house flies and cockroaches it acts as a stomach poison. Under influence of a potent attractant. House flies and cockroaches readily accept and startfeeding on the FLYKILL. Ensuring fast and lethel intake of its active ingredient.this results in immediate kill of house flies and cockroaches.

Packing size : 25 gm, 1 kg, 5 kg, Bulk 25 kg


Temephose 50% EC :

The safest mosquitos larvicides that is highky effective against larvae of all species of mosquito. It can be used in varity of breeding sites in potable clean water to highly polluted water. It acts as a contact poison. Onceapplied to breeding site it spreads well within the water body it is very safe to human and other non target animals.

Packing size : 5 ltr


Temephose 1% Sand Granuals :

Granual formulation of LIBRA 1% SG is specially developed to meet the requirement of controlling mosquito larvae in intra domestic bredding sites viz. Water coolers,refridgerator defrost treys,over head tanks,flower pots,rain water collected in the terraces,etc.

Packing size : Bulk 25kg

Libra 1% SG

Methyl Bromide Technical Fumigan :

Fumigation in godawn and container for Export.

Packing size : 1.0 lbs (454 gm) , 1.5 lbs(654 gm).


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