Dosage : 0.5 to 4.00 Kg in dilution with 500-700 ltr water or as being recommended

Use :ATRA-Z is a selective herbicides used for controlling weeds of Maize, Bajra, Sugarcane & Popcorn chemical fallow, grasslands.

Detailed Description Ruszyme (ATRAZINE 50% W.P) is used for season-long pre and early postemergence weed control in corn, sorghum, and certain other crops.viz African oil palm, bananas, citrus groves, coffee, corn, pineapple, sorghum, sugarcane, corn hybrids, field corn, production seed corn, silage corn, and popcorn chemical fallow, grasslands, macadamia nuts,conifers, and industrial weeds. It is to be used in accordance with climatic conditions and approval of local authorities.

Packing size : 500gm, 1kg, 25 kg Bulk (Export)



Dose : Sandy soil 800 ml per acre, Black soil 1 lit per acre

USE :PENDIMITHILIN 30% EC usage helps to avoid competition between plants and weeds or nutrients because weeds are not able to come out.Pendiclean control weeds initially so insects and disease population automatically reduce and which result better yield.Pendiclean usage is before crops and weeds germination so it is safe to crops.Very well prepare land for crop sowing.Sow the crop seeds.Apply irrigation.After sowing and irrigation apply pendiclean spray within two days.Use flat fen or flood jet nozzle for pendiclean application.Use 200 lit water in one acre land.

Packing size : 250ml, 500ml, 1ltr, 200 ltr (Export)



Dose : 10 to 15 ml per liter water or 1.5 to 2.25 liter per acre

Use : Glycol is non selective herbicide and it can be use on active and standing weeds.Glycol is systemic herbicide so it translocate in to weeds and eradicate weeds from root level.Glycol control all kind of green vegetation.Glycol is very good for cyperus and cynodon like difficult weeds control.Glycol can be use in standing crop also but be careful do not spraying on main crop for precaution use hood while spraying.Glycol is inactive when it come in contact with soil so it is very safe to environment and soil.

Method of Application : Add Glycol 225 ml in 15 lit clean water ( without salt and soil particles ),for better result add in to 250 gm ammonium sulphate and spray this Glycare solution on young and green weeds.

Packing size : 500ml, 1ltr, 200 ltr (Export).


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